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How to Dispose of Medical Waste Properly

Large medical facilities produce large amounts of medical waste in just one day. These wastes should be handled appropriately right from collection, transportation, treatment and eventually disposal. Some health centers have autoclaving services in which some of the wastes are burned. Even after burning they still have to get ways of disposing of wastes such as needles, syringes, and chemical wastes. The smaller health care center has the greatest problem of discarding waste as some do not have autoclaves.

When you are discarding sharp tools use the appropriate containers to ensure that they are not mixed up. It is a requirement that a needle should be used once then disposed to avoid its use on another patient. Sharing of needles among patients is a major contributor to the blood transmissible diseases. The disposal containers are colored red or yellow and are constructed from hard plastic material to ensure that they are not risky to handle and to ensure that needles do not prick them. The container also contains warnings stating that the disposal container has pricking tools and the things included are harmful to health. The contains are two types those used once and then discarded. There are also the containers that can be more than once in which they are sterilized, emptied before being re-used.

Hospitals usually have sharps disposal containers in the patient care rooms. Diabetics should also own these containers since they use needles daily for their insulin dose. Poorly disposed sharps can result in spread of diseases.

The use of these containers is straightforward. The used tool is just dipped inside using the open area without touching the outside of the container. Never push or force the needles into avoiding damage and needle stick accidents. Don’t forget to change the container before they become too full. The proper disposal of the full container is to take to a legalized red bag or to the medical waste treatment areas.

Sharp containers can be purchased in many different sizes, from very small to large barrels. Small containers can easily fit an examination room counters, and large models are usually used in high-traffic locations such as operating rooms.

Medical waste disposal is an important part of the healthcare system that cannot be ignored . Poor disposal of even a single tool can result in the spread of a deadly disease to the public. It is, therefore, a requirement that the medical waste be properly disposed of for the well-being of the patients, public, and the environment.

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