How to Choose the Perfect Dress Color for Your Flower Girls

Young girls love dressing up in bold and bright colors. They often wear vibrant colors in their everyday life which can symbolize their beauty, innocence, and charm. Yet, when it comes to young girls and choosing the perfect flower girl dress, opting for something colorful may not be the best option. If you’re struggling to choose a flower girl dress color and need some advice, you’re in the right place. We know there is such a wide range of choice out there that it can make it impossible to choose the perfect color without even thinking about the style or design. Have a quick read through our pieces of advice and hopefully by the end of reading this you’ll feel a lot more confident when choosing a flower girl dress in future.

Consider skin tone

Typically, most flower girl dresses are light and pale as they are similar to the traditional bridal gown that the bride wears on her big day. This means that most of the colors you’ll come across when shopping for flower girl dresses will be paler than you may want. Despite this, when choosing a color for the dress, ensure you consider the skin tone of the little girl. Lighter skin tones tend to suit pale greens, pinks and white whereas darker skin tones look even more beautiful when contrasted with pale yellows, blues, and greys. White or cream colors will work with practically any skin tone so if you want to keep your options safe – we would recommend choosing these colors.

Keep it in line with their personality

Children radiate light and positive energy which is amazing when it’s your special day. What will make it even better is allowing them to wear a dress color that is in line with their personality. When you know what style of dress you want them to wear – give them the option of choosing a color themselves. Little girls love being in control of their clothing and will choose something they love without a doubt. This also keeps everyone happy on the wedding day too!

Research current trends

For those of you who are struggling to choose a color but don’t want to opt for the cream or white colors we suggested above then you may want to research current flower girl dress color trends online. There are thousands to choose from, and they all look beautiful. Researching online may give you a better idea of what you want as well. We hope by doing this, you will have a flashbulb moment in which you realize the color you truly want your little girl to wear.

Stay traditional

With all these options to choose from, it can be difficult to decide the perfect color of flower girl dress that will match with your wedding day. Many people do stay traditional when it comes to flower girl dresses which means you will be looking at pure cream or white colors. Ivory flower girl dresses are popular and look amazing on little ones so you may want to consider choosing this color too.