Be Fashion Influenced in 70s Costumes

A lot of people have begun to realise just how stylish the Retro scene really is.

As we are all aware, fashion is very transient. It is constantly changing and coming up with fresh new ideas. However, it is also very dependent on previous styles. 70s costumes and accessories are very much back at the forefront of fashion at the moment. Even the images of many of today’s biggest rock bands are heavily based around 70s costumes and their music has made a very noticeable return to the guitar based sound that was so popular thirty-odd years ago. Think about groups like Kasabian, Doves and Muse and then compare them with some of the big names of the 1970s such as The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, David Bowie and Marc Bolan. There are enormous similarities both with their outfits and their overall sound.

Fashion affects so many different areas of our lives. Some of these are things that are obvious to us all whilst others remained unnoticed for a lot of the time.

Another area to be very influenced by the Retro feel is cinema. You won’t have to think for too long before you realise just how much. We have had a huge amount of remakes in recent years. Some of these are even still set in the time of the original movie, putting actors of today into 70s costumes. If you took away all of the films of the last five years or so that were remakes of 1970s pictures then you would be left with a lot less to watch. Admittedly, it was a time in cinema that was rich in very good quality films. Remember such classics as ‘Get Carter’, ‘The Omen’ and ‘The Omega Man’ – all of which have recently been remade.

Television also had some real gems to offer. Those of us who are old enough to look back on the programmes usually do so with great fondness. There always seemed to be something good to watch on the television back then; whether it was comedy, drama or science fiction. In fact many of those programmes have also been made into feature films as well.

Have a look at the celebrities of today and what they are wearing. So many of them are dressed in 70s costumes that you could be forgiven for thinking that the time machine had finally been invented.

Basically, fashion has gone full circle. Back in the 80s and 90s you would be hard pushed to find anyone wearing ‘bell bottoms’, flowery shirts or ‘loon pants’. How things change. Suddenly it is not just acceptable to dress in 70s costumes but it is actually cool again.

So, have a hunt around in your local charity shop and on the internet. There are plenty of online businesses that specialise in nothing but 70s costumes.

One last thing that is worth remembering… don’t go getting rid of any of your present day clothes as you can be sure that as soon as your children are old enough to wear them they will probably be totally ‘hip’.

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