Barrettes Go High Fashion: Get The Catwalk Look For Your Hair

From Prabal Gurung to Carolina Herrera, American fashion designers have launched their Spring/Summer 2011 collections with models featuring barrettes in their hair.

From looped chignons held with large arched barrettes to side swept bangs secured with eye-catching side barrettes, there was a clear shift this season away from the headband.

For grown women looking to update their hair, using barrettes is fun and simple, with lots of barrette styles available. However, if you are over the age of twenty-five it can be easy to end up looking too young if you aren’t careful.

Follow these tips to make sure your hair looks chic rather than childish.

1. Know your face shape.

Your face and head shape really determine which hair styles will flatter you. If you have an angular face, don’t use barrettes to pull your hair back in a sleek style, for example. Instead, leave some wispy bits of hair framing your face to draw attention your eyes and cheekbones.

2. Choose good quality materials.

Inexpensive materials look cheap. If your barrette is going to be a feature, make sure it is something that is worth looking at. Crystal barrettes look better if they have good quality settings. French barrettes look best if they’re handmade from Italian cellulose acetate as they have a deep glossy finish that works better in the hair. Always check the barrette at the back for the “Made in France” mark to ensure you are buying a strong and well-made clasp for your hair.

3. Practice, ideally with a friend.

Whenever you try out your new barrette style, have a friend take a look at you from all angles. What you see face-on in your mirror is not what the rest of the world sees. Have someone whose opinion you trust look at you from the side and back to make sure you’ve got a style that really works for your hair and makes you look good.

4. Pick the appropriate size clasp for your hair.

Hair comes in all different textures. Fortunately there are a range of types of barrettes, each one suited for a different hair type. If you have fine hair, look for a flat style of clasp so the barrette doesn’t stand proud of your head. If you have thick hair, choose clasps with a high arch that will be able to hold your hair properly.

You can create a large number of sophisticated but simple styles, all beautifully finished off with the right barrette or hair slide. Getting a good match between the style of barrette and the needs of your hair will ensure better success in achieving this season’s catwalk look.