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What Food Can I Give To My Dog?

It is a bad idea to pick any food for your dog from the supermarket without considering the ingredients which go into making the particular food. You should make a decision on what your dogs’ diet should consist of and it can be raw, cooked, kibble, dehydrated food or all of these. Despite the choice you make, periodic reviews are crucial because they will give an insight on when you should make changes in the diet. With good food means fewer diseases and it is surprising how the right meal can keep diseases at bay.

Green tripe is one of those dog foods you should not lack. Tripe comes loaded with probiotics and also digestive enzymes. You will save significant amounts of money by buying tripe instead of buying the supplements individually. Besides having Vitamin B complex, tripe has calcium and phosphorus in equal amounts which is a good thing. Green tripe is rich in linoleic and linolenic fatty acids as well. No matter how much you hate how tripe smells, it is a superfood you cannot afford to ignore.

Milk thistle should be included in a dog’s diet too. Milk thistle is a herb but still an important ingredient when planning what your dog should eat. The herb has components which are useful in treating a number of conditions which affect the liver as well as other body systems in the dog. You should make sure your dog takes this herb when it comes into contact with chemicals used in maintaining the lawn, drugs, deworming medication, vaccines and other kinds of toxins. This herb is also a good anti-inflammatory and antioxidant agent.

Raw eggs are another product nature has provided for dogs. Eggs are some of the most nutritious and complete diet you can give to your dog without using a lot of money. In eggs there is iron, vitamin A, selenium, fatty acids, vitamin B12, folate and also riboflavin. It is advisable to give the entire egg to the dog without peeling off the shell because it is rich in calcium and phosphorus. You should make sure that the eggs you are feeding your dog with are not laden with hormones and artificial antibiotics which is the case if you choose them from genetically modified chicken. Coconut oil is a superfood for dogs too because it has a lot of useful fatty acids. The good thing about this fatty acids is that they can be metabolized quickly to release much-needed fuel and energy for the body process. Also they balance the thyroid activities which ensures overweight dogs do lose weight. Just like you put an effort in choosing your meals, do the same for your dog.

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