3 Lessons Learned: Options

Picking Out a Kitchen Countertop That Matches Your Needs When it comes to picking out kitchen countertops, you have decide what style, finish and material best suits your lifestyle. As a homeowner, it’s important to assess the way you live before settling on a countertop surface. While most homeowners will talk to custom countertop experts for guidance, you should always make the final pick. When picking out your kitchen countertop, consider the maintenance needs, appeal, cost and materials available. Follow these simple guidelines for a perfect choice. In case you need care-free countertop surfaces, consider going for quartz or other quality manufactured solid surfaces. Quartz is best known for its durability. Similar to natural stone, quartz is highly resistant to stains and stratches and cannot be compared to granite. Other alternative solid surfaces include marble, Corian and granite. Most solid surfaces like quartz are usually easy to clean and are available in a wide selection of finishes and colors. If you’re focused on giving your kitchen a personalized and natural look, go for the popular marble, soapstone or granite materials. While these surfaces will require a little more maintenance, mostly sealing once or twice a year, they have an unquestionable appeal and a unique look. The market offers homeowners a wide selection of both custom and ready designs and patterns for kitchen countertops with styles that easily blend in with your kitchen’s design. If you want a surface that is resistant to normal tear and wear, go for granite or soapstone and choose marble for heat resistance if you love baking. Soapstone also resists stains and heat too. Although these materials are quite expensive, they are a popular choice among homeowners.
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For those that don’t want to spend much, tile and laminate countertops are the most affordable. Tile kitchen countertops are generally cheaper and DIY friendly. The fact that you can install larger tiles means that grout lines can be minimized. You don’t have to hire an expert to replace cracked or broken tiles as you can do it yourself. Laminate countertops are also cheap and maintenance-free but are not a durable option when compared to other surfaces. If you want a surface that resists stains, scratches and heat perfectly, go for porcelain tiles. Laminate comes in numerous colors and is easy to clean.
A Simple Plan For Investigating Options
There are other kitchen countertop options available such as stainless steel, concrete and butcher block. Materials like concrete and stainless steel are highly durable while butcher blocks offer a classic and stylish look. While these options are fast gaining popularity, they are not as budget-friendly and maintenance-free as other materials. When consulting your custom countertop specialists, make sure to discuss the pros and cons of each type of material and choose wisely. Check samples of countertop materials you’re interested in and then decide which one to buy.